Monday, July 25, 2011

Flavor Queens

Science. Science wouldn't be the first word you would think of when looking at these beautiful fruits, but really the word "science" sums them up perfectly. "Sweet", "colorful", "juicy", "tender" - yes all these things are quite honest descriptions, but I like "science" best.

These lovely fruits are called "Flavor Queen Pluots®" and are a plum apricot hybrid. Our friend who farms his orchard in Valley Center gave us a little lesson the other day about how Pluots® came about. Grafting makes this possible, check it out:

Plum x Apricot = Plumcot  then...
Plumcot x Plum = Pluot®

Last week we included these Flavor Queen Pluots® in our Farm Share boxes. They are beautiful fruits with candy-like sweetness. The skins stay this marvelous green color making them deceiving on the outside, but not so on the inside. This variety is only available from mid July through August, which makes them a uniquely prized summer fruit! 

Pluot® is a registered trademark of Zaiger Genetics in Modesto, CA. 

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