Thursday, March 31, 2011

CSA - Contents for March 31, 2011


This weeks CSA Farm Share packages include:  

Fava Beans

Large boxes also saw:

Item Origins: Maciel Family Farms (Bonsall, CA) Bonsall Farms (Vista, CA)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gift of Rain

Water is expensive in San Diego. Unless you have a well on your property you are paying through the nose for the rates set by the water district. We don't have a well, so when it rains we rejoice for the free water. And so do the plants. Even the most drought stricken of them all perk up towards the source of their relief. We saw rain early this weekend, and we sincerely appreciate its gift to us.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Greenhouse Life: Spring Seedlings

Spring seedlings! Here we've got numerous varieties of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. It's a wonderful warm life inside the greenhouse. We have so many delicious vegetables poking their way up through the soil. It has finally stopped freezing at night (and hopefully it will stay that way), which means that we can soon get these guys in the ground. There is a mouse that apparently lives in the greenhouse too, as we have seen the evidence of someone snacking liberally.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

CSA - Contents for March 24, 2011

Spring is finally here. Not that the weather has changed much, but at least that much anticipated calendar date has come and gone now, convincing us that there will be warmer days ahead. The Spring showers we have been given have been a farmers best friend - and now we just need some sun!

This weeks CSA Farm Share packages include: 

Beets (red)
Chard (rainbow)
Green Garlic
Fava Beans
Daikon (Japanese Radish)
**Broccoli Rabe (aka Rapini)

**Some boxes saw Fennel while others saw Broccoli Rabe

Large boxes also saw:

Beets (golden)

Item Origins: Maciel Family Farms (Bonsall, CA) Bonsall Farms (Vista, CA)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Easy to Eat Right!

Yes, it really is that simple! Sign up today and start eating healthy and local. Healthy and local? Yeah! The two are a match made in farm heaven. Farm Fresh San Diego's CSA Farm Share is an easy way to start exploring all the farm has to offer - and get a large selection of freshly picked fruits and vegetables delivered right to you. It's easy to get started today!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Green Garlic - The baby of the family

Spring Garlic
Photo Credit

Green garlic - yah, not something you really find in the supermarket. And would the common shopper even be able to scout it out among similar looking leeks, or green onions? Through my reading I have come to the conclusion that much like the cease of frost, the new green buds on my trees, and the warm(er) breeze that drafts through my open window, green garlic (which is also called "new garlic") is in essence "Spring" to a farmer. One of the first signs of the onset of Spring, green garlic and its brilliant green stalks, emerge from their Wintery hibernation proving new life to the sparse winter garden.

One of the ways you can tell green garlic from it's paternal counterfeits (leeks and green onions) is by scent and color. The base and roots do actually smell like garlic, where as leeks and green onions definitely have an onion scent. Next, green garlic's base and roots are white, but often marbled with purple or red. The heavenly act of cooking with garlic is no exception for this form of it - and can be taken advantage of much as a green onion should: a couple inches of the dark green stocks, all of the light green and on into the bulb - and get this, even the roots. The flavor is more mellow than it's fully matured garlic bulb brothers and sisters, but true to it's name it is still indeed garlic. This is one of the attractions of green garlic - it's reduction of pungency. Because green garlic is picked early (meaning, it has not had the opportunity to develop into a fully grown traditional bulb) the flavor is not as intense.

This stage in life for garlic has not always been so sought after. Farmers would often pull what we know as green garlic out to thin their crops, but now more increasingly than ever green garlic is grown to be young, much like the idea of baby squash, baby lettuce and so forth. This delicious ingredient can be taken advantage of by was of it's compliments as pasta sauces, pesto, stir fried with soy and sesame oil, added to potatoes and made into a soup, the list is endless. Green garlic may be the baby of the family, but has turned out to be an exceptional ingredient!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time to Sign Up!

Ring the bells! Farm Fresh San Diego is back on the wagon delivering farm fresh produce right to your door. Don't delay, sign up today to start receiving some of the best our county has to offer!